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It's Not the Stork, It’s So Amazing, and It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Michael Emberley. This series of children's books set the standard for approaching sexuality in a way that is thoughtful, engaging and positive. Adults will learn at least as much as the kids about normal, amazing human sexuality.

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Being a better sexuality educator for kids requires a broad base of knowledge

and a willingness to keep learning. These are the very best resources for improving skills,

discovering more wisdom and grace, and helping children be healthier and happier.

Sexual Development Making Sex-Ed Easy Thank God for Sex


Talk to Me First and Sex and Sensibility by Deborah Roffman are brilliant books that clarify what kids need from parents, the complimentary roles of schools and families, and what everyday education and support looks like.

The Sex Lives of Teenagers by Lynn Ponton tells true stories of teens and their families bumping into realities and taboos around sexuality and finding deeper understanding and compassion with each other. A fascinating, practical, inspired book.


Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education provides the big picture of what sexuality education could be for our kids. Not written for parents – it is for schools shopping for or evaluating curriculum – but the Background and Introduction alone will permanently expand and rewire your brain’s understanding of “sex ed”. Free download.


Gender and Sexuality – For Beginners by Jaimee Garbacik is powerful, enlightening,

and so very thorough! This mighty book sets us up to be educated, caring participants in the critical thinking and social evolution that's happening right now. You will learn something new – and be a better person because of it – thanks to Jaimee.


Great Conversations delivers tremendously popular classes that kids and their parents experience together. For nearly three decades, West coast families have made it a required stop on the road to growing up. Check out the link here, and if you can't get to class, Julie Metger and Rob Lehman's book Will Puberty Last My Whole Life? is the next best thing.


Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers cares a lot (period - but also) about bringing spirituality and sexuality back together again. Sex, God & the Conservative Church is just one of her many inspired efforts. See more from Tina at these links:

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